Politicians are lying bastards

And in other news, water is still wet:

[B]efore Senator Joe Manchin III invited a group of 15 businessmen and community leaders to lunch last week to discuss the topic, he had only a vague idea of how anxious many of his supporters were.

“How many of you all believe that there is a movement to take away the Second Amendment?” he asked.

About half the hands in the room went up.

Despite his best attempts to reassure them — “I see no movement, no talk, no bills, no nothing” — they remained skeptical….

On Thursday a group of Democratic senators led by Dianne Feinstein of
California plans to introduce a bill that would outlaw more than 100
different assault weapons, setting up what promises to be a fraught and
divisive debate over gun control in Congress in the coming weeks. 

I imagine the other half are just as skeptical now.  How out of it, or how dishonest, does a senator have to be to fail to see a bill as obvious as Feinstein’s coming only a week before it is announced?  Public Enemy had it right when Chuck D rapped about the fact that is corrupt like a senator.  But I think Nate may have had it right when he concluded that the pile of executive orders that Obama dropped on the nation last week represented him backing down on guns after Sandy Hook failed to be the game changer the media billed it as.

Can you even imagine how much trouble the guy in charge of orchestrating false flags is right now?  No doubt he’s desperately defending himself.  What’s he supposed to do for an encore, find some patsy, drug him up, and turn him loose in an animal shelter to shoot up puppies and kittens?

The American people have made it eminently clear that even if 100 kindergartens are machine-gunned tomorrow, they’ll pull their kids out of school and take them shopping at the gun store rather than disarm.