Winning is not the point

Keoni Galt points out the obvious: winning is not the objective of the various wars being waged around the world:

Not only is War Big Business, it is THE BIGGEST Big Business in the world.

We are not stationed and fighting all over the globe to “WIN” any war, let alone a War on an Adjective.

We are not fighting to win. We are fighting to keep the gravy train rolling…and it’s one hell of a giant gravy train. To WIN brings this lucrative gravy train to a halt.

That is the last thing those giving the orders to the guy in the conductor’s booth of the Gravy Train want.

This is why so many things are done to stifle, hamper and hinder the supposedly stated mission of our “global force for good!” While Dalrock is certainly correct in his assessment of feminist and elite motives for emasculating the military to socially engineer the culture and society at large, most people fail to ask the right questions as they rage at the supposed madness and insanity of a war machine hampering itself with such social engineering lunacy.

That is because most are still operating under the mistaken assumption that the military is fighting to win the war and “defend the nation.”

The good news, to the extent that there is any to be found of late, is that the recent move to make combat troops out of women tends to indicate that either a) the government has no intention of making war on the people, or, b) the government is, ala Stalin, totally uninterested in the professional opinion of its military leadership.

I think Keoni is actually understating things here, however.  I suspect they’re not so much trying to keep the giant gravy train going, I think they’re desperately trying to keep the entire system from collapsing upon itself.