This would be hilarious

If it weren’t for the dead victims of “law enforcement”.  The Cleveland police make the arson-happy LAPD look downright competent by comparison:

A November car chase ended in a “full blown-out” firefight, with glass
and bullets flying, according to Cleveland police officers who described
for investigators the chaotic scene at the end of the deadly 25-minute

But when the smoky haze — caused by rapid fire of nearly 140
bullets in less than 30 seconds — dissipated, it soon became clear that
more than a dozen officers had been firing at one another across a
middle school parking lot in East Cleveland.

Soon after the shooting stopped, one officer rushed to check the two
occupants of the 1979 Chevrolet Malibu that the cadre of Cleveland
cruisers had followed into the lot.

Officer Wilfredo Diaz, a former city EMS worker, had fired the first shots at the Malibu after bailing out of his car. He felt for passenger Malissa Williams’ pulse.
There wasn’t one.

Diaz moved Williams’ leg slightly to look for a gun. Again, there wasn’t one. Dead next to Williams in the driver’s seat was Timothy Russell, 43.  No officers were injured. 

My favorite part is the way they were so desperate to find a gun in order to try to pin the blame on the corpses that they sent divers into the river, never mind that a gun in the river couldn’t have been involved in the parking lot shootout.