The Suicide Party

“Stupid Party” no longer suffices to do justice to the Republican Party and its determined efforts to demographically extinguish itself.  Steve Sailer points to the obvious problem:

 I recently asked if anybody has checked whether Hispanic voters, the majority of whom are of Mexican background, actually like Senator Marco Rubio (R-CUBA).  A reader points me to this December survey by Public Policy Polling of 700 registered voters, showing approval ratings for potential 2016 candidates. Among the 90 or so Hispanic voters surveyed, only 24% were favorable toward Rubio, while 42% said they were were unfavorable.

First, it should be noted that the Great Brown Republican Hope isn’t even eligible to be president.  Second, as Sailer notes, Hispanics aren’t even favorably inclined towards the guy anyhow.  Third, either Republicans embrace their observable identity as the White party and start running on racial and national policies or they are going to be supplanted by a party who will.

Playing the Hey, We Got One Too game with a Black or Hispanic candidate has never worked for Republicans and there is no reason to believe it is going to work in 2016.  If Republicans wish to pursue the minority vote, there is a much more effective way to go about winning it.  Simply take whatever spending the Democrat proposes and quintuple it every single time.  If Democrats pledge $100 billion for Head Start, pledge $500 billion, with $100 billion earmarked for Black children, $100 billion for Hispanics, and another $100 billion for illegals of all nations.

Seriously.  We all know the Republican Party sold out whatever republican principles it had long ago, so they should just stop pretending and go about nakedly pursuing power in an honest and straightforward manner.