Land of the Not-so-much-Free

The USA is not the least free country in the world.  But it is becoming increasingly obvious to everyone that it isn’t even close to being the most free country in the world that many Americans have always assumed it be:

So, in just a week’s time, the political elite in the Land of the Free gave us bills which:

1) ensure the government cannot assassinate its own citizens with drones
2) impose price controls with insurance premiums
3) award the government with more power to initiate biosurveillance operations
4) create a quota system in the labor market

It really makes me wonder… how much more will it take for people to notice how rapidly they’re losing freedom, or how destructive the political leadership is? 

The problem is that too few natives genuinely want freedom anymore, and virtually none of the immigrants from Asia, Africa, or South and Central America place any value upon it at all.  The USA may only be a quasi-democracy, but in the end, the people will get the government they are willing to tolerate, and one of the prices of modifying the population is that the government one group of people are willing to tolerate is usually at least moderately different than the government another group of people, with different history, cultures, and tradition, are willing to tolerate.

The important distinction is that the determining factor isn’t what sort of government people actually want, but rather, what sort of government they are willing to tolerate.