It was always bound to happen

In a move that will surprise absolutely no one, Amynda Marcotte finally comes out of the closet:

What’s an ambitious woman to do? Obviously, the price tag put on your
employment is just another version of the pay gap, and for some reason,
the elegant solution of professional women refusing to have children
until someone fixes this situation has been taken off the table. It’s a
major conundrum. So why not look to men for answers? Men have managed
the sticky situation of both having a job and having a home life for
decades now. Their solution is possibly even more elegant in its
simplicity than the “don’t have children” one: Marry a woman. 

I think it became fairly obvious that she wasn’t cut out for a life of heteronormative happiness when she invented the concept of “near rape”, a term that customarily translates from the femmesprache as “first date”.