How to learn Austrian Economics

Clearly I am debating the wrong person concerning the $56 trillion question.  I shouldn’t be engaging Nate in dialectical discourse with regards to the global economy, but rather a genuine expert on global business and economics.

Kristin is a Global Business and Econ major.  I want to make sure everyone understands that. After someone else brings up Austrian Economics…  Kristin blows them away.. with this amazingly awesome retort…
“And what does Austrian economics have to do with anything? But yes, in fact I do know some considering I was just there last year. I know a lot of the basics of the economies within the EU.

And there you have it.

Kristin the Global Business and Econ major knows all about Austrian Economics… because she was in Europe just last year.

See friends?   Put down that Milton Friedman.  You don’t need to read all that.  You just need to do some sight seeing in Chicago.

Oh Sweet Mises… I’d find it hard to believe, were it not for the fact that I once met an economics major from a large public university who had never heard of John Maynard Keynes.