McRapey and McRacist react to criticism

James May criticizes two left-wing starlets of science fiction and fantasy:

Pretending the 21st century is actually the 19th just doesn’t cut it,
no matter how much you argue everyone born before you had the same
interest in politicizing and racializing the most innocuous things, or
even white people today, who show not the least interest by way of law,
institution or mainstream culture in the very things they are accused
of. If you wish to group together people as whites, a thing I detest,
then it is whites who have created the very laws that protect minorities
in America today. In the absence of law, institutions and mainstreams
cultural expressions of racial disdain, one must then of course come up
with theories which assert the unseen, the underground and the
unwitting, showing the “truth” of a thing by its shadow, showing a
dearth of cultural morality while at the same time denying such a thing
is possible by non-white cultures. And let’s be very clear here: there
is no scholarship which can support whites even think of themselves as a
culture racially in the 21st century while the exact opposite in regard
to Jemisin and advocates like her provides mountains of black
symposiums, black organizations and black culture artifacts. There’s
even a black scuba divers association if you can believe in that bit of
idiocy. And don’t hold your breath waiting for either Scalzi or Jemisin
to wring their hands over black basketball players in the NBA
overrepresented by 5 times their demography in America. “Meritocracy”
is a slippery word in the hands of racial bigots. Am I to assume that
lack of diversity in the NBA is a tacit plot by black players to keep
out the white ones, or an example of black privilege?

You can’t have this argument two ways – either skin brings nothing to
the table or it does. If pedagogic racialists believe diversity in and
of itself brings something to the table then it is taking up the
opposite argument of what it claims, because those people are still an
“other,” just a better one, with innate qualities other races apparently
don’t have. But that argument can be turned around in a flash and in
the end, it’s just as stupid to ask a man to stand on a pedestal because
of his skin as it is to ask him to stand in a ditch. In this light, the
obsession the SFWA has with shallow diversity on the one hand while
arguing race and gender mean nothing on the other seems sad and rather
dark. Content of character, remember that? Gives a stupid and whole new
meaning to the term “uplift wars.”

The idea that Scalzi has what it takes to get inside the head of 100
million men based on their skin is an absurd idea and a racist one at
that. It’s no surprise to me that it basically amounts, in principle, to
the exact opposite of what he says he champions, because, at its heart,
political racialism is Orwellian doublethink. Scalzi should be sure to write a follow up where he tells us what 3
million Jewish and 20 million black men think. He mustn’t forget to
explain how he effortlessly rises above the fray while indulging in the
most despicable racial stereotypes, a neat trick. So generic whites are a
safe political target. Try the same thought process on Jews. I’m dying
to read that one. What about gays? How are they all doing? Does he

And this is how the two starlets react to it, on Twitter, naturally.

McRacist: ‏@scalzi What the — ? HAHAHAHA I’m not a Tor author, you putz.

McRapey: @nkjemisin It’s a special piece of writing, isn’t it?

@scalzi Why do champions of anti-racism (anti-anti-racism?) sound so
alike as they endlessly blather on? So much energy, so little *sense.*

@nkjemisin Poor logical skill and underdeveloped rhetorical control are
strongly correlated, i.e., I can’t argue but I CAN go on and on.

the pair of intellectuals, aren’t they.  And such a devastatingly
convincing response. McRacist is not a Tor author, ergo she must not be a racist black woman and McRapey isn’t a racist, incoherent gamma male who hates his socio-sexual superiors.  HAHAHAHA

course, McRapey is correct.  He can’t argue. That’s why he always talks
about his critics instead of directly addressing their criticisms of him.
That’s also why he flees from debate, both in third-party venues and on his own blog, which is a pity since he is one of the
finest examples of the correlation of poor logical skill and
underdeveloped rhetorical control you’ll find anywhere on the Internet.

Me show all dem me no gamma! Me show dem me no rabbit! Now me haz Agree and amplify DAT, bitchez! No hurtz now… why still hurtz, WHY?

for McRacist, someone needs to explain to her that the fact that
something doesn’t make sense to her doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t
make sense at all.

* * *

It may simply mean that she’s not intelligent enough to understand it.