The British vote for independence

UKIP is  slashing away at Tory support in the local elections, largely due to David Cameron’s treacherous refusal to hold the referendum he promised on the European Union:

Ukip has seen 117 councillors elected, of which 110 are gains,
with 4 councils to declare. It has 634 second place candidates and only 32
candidates polling under 10 per cent, according to a Ukip spokesman. 

Now that UKIP has won more than a quarter of the vote, the two major parties, and more importantly, the BBC, can no longer get away with pretending all the British people who are not interested in serfdom to the Lords of Brussels are “fruitcakes, loonies and closet

One hopes that having been betrayed by Cameron once, the British people will not be foolish enough to fall for the blandishments of the stealth Europhile as he vows to “work really hard” to win back their vote by promising them the same referendum he already promised and denied them.

There is no point in supporting the Conservative Party in the UK, because there is nothing left to conserve. All the various political issues are secondary to the primary one of national independence, which makes UKIP the only reliable party and the only one worth supporting.