Are they afraid of ghosts?

Isn’t it interesting how buildings that are involved in events of questionable veracity so often need to be torn down afterwards?

The day after a task force unanimously recommended razing and rebuilding Sandy Hook Elementary School, residents expressed relief tinged with sadness on Saturday in the small New England town that became a focal point of the national debate on gun control…. A 28-member task force of elected town officials decided late Friday night to demolish the 56-year-old school and build a new one on the same site.

This seems more than a little strange.  I went to a school that was built in 1913 and is still being actively utilized.  And how difficult would it be to clean up a few classrooms?  But if a school shooting can be reasonably expected to produce $57 million in construction business, conspiracy theorists may have to seriously rethink who has an incentive to be hiring patsies.