Kenya deports unwanted barbarians

So how can it possibly be claimed the West cannot simply do the same?

Woolwich suspect Michael Adebolajo came to the attention of MI5 after he appeared in court in Kenya on suspicion of planning to fight for a terrorist group. The Mail on Sunday has learned he was arrested with five others in November 2010. All were said to have been heading for neighbouring Somalia, where they had been recruited by Al-Shabaab, the Islamist insurgent organisation.

Adebolajo, who was filmed after the Woolwich slaughter with blood on his hands, was deported without being charged.

If people are too uncivilized to live in a third world country, what are the odds they can successfully live in a first world one?  In older, wiser times, when Western civilization was being built rather than torn down, such men would have been killed on sight.

Toleration isn’t progress.  Diversity isn’t a sign of societal health.  As anyone familiar with the history of past civilizations knows, they are symptoms of enervation integral to the decline and fall of nations.  UKIP, Movimento 5 Stelle, Golden Dawn, the Schweizerisch Volkspartei, AfD, Sweden Democrats, True Finns, and Jobbik are rising, and the ruling multiculti parties will have to either surrender or cast aside their democratic pretensions and attempt to rule by naked force.

The same thing will happen in America. At this point, the only question is what name the American nationalist party will be known by.