Mailvox: media and social science

CL puts my “Black is the Absence of Color” media theory to the test:

Testing your theory: when the media fails to
mention the of race of those involved in an incident, it usually means
the perpetrators are black.

No mention of race.
2. Article at
sample: “Police tell Action News several smaller fights quickly
escalated and became a large brawl involving about 30 people.”
No mention of race.
What do we find?  A group of blacks fighting at the beach gathering.
Will continue testing….

Never let it be said that we are not devoted to the scientific method here at Vox Popoli.  Of course, for anyone who once lived within a short drive of Sawgrass, there was no need for science.  To know who was responsible, the only thing required was the mere mention of Jax Beach.