Flat ugly

Steve Jobs must be rolling over in his grave:

The new iOS 7 software has what’s been dubbed ‘flat’ look with fewer
textures and a more monochrome look. The gradient textures on tabs have
also been removed in favour of block colours.
Users can now swipe from the left of the screen to go back and move
between messages. When you slide across in any app you now get an
options menu too….

Experts warned the radical makeover could confuse some users. Jan Dawson, chief telecoms analyst at Ovum, said it ‘represents a massive overhaul of the look and feel of the operating system, which has remained largely unchanged visually since the original version.’ However, he said the changes could be too much. ‘The new version is almost unrecognisable, which will make it polarizing.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was enough to send even some of the fanboys to Android.  Even the previous generation of Samsung phones are better than the current iPhones, and uglifying the operating system isn’t going to help matters any.  It looks almost as if Apple thinks its competition is Windows 8, not Android.