Mailvox: leaving the Scouts behind

DC is standing up for the now-defunct moral code of the late Boy Scouts of America:

I’ve pulled my three sons out of Scouting and brought them over to a church that sponsors an Outpost for Royal Rangers. See…I want my sons to learn to be strong Christian men with morals, not rainbow loving losers that have no fear of the God of the Angel Armies.

Since I’ve clearly stated that I’m doing this, and why, so far I’ve been called intolerant, angry, stupid, and seriously, even Christians (?) that I go to church with don’t agree with me! I was stunned at that one. But today my friend sent me an email saying this:

“I don’t think u should use being a Christian as an excuse to judge gay people.  I thought Christians believed in not judging people. You said you don’t consider it as “judging” but that is exactly what it is. “

I think I was ready to hear all sorts of things from people, but was most surprised by the responses from those directly surrounding me.

You want to know how I feel now?

I am even MORE firm with what I feel is right. I will NOT allow the World to dictate what is right and wrong, period.

My biggest reason is that the kids need to see the clear, defined limit of where Christianity Meets The World. I’m refusing to be part of an organization that has taken a stance regarding homosexuality that is in conflict with my Christian beliefs.

First, removing your children from a corrupt organization is not “judging” anyone.  Discernment is not judgment.  Second, Christians believe that people will be judged, they simply don’t believe it is their responsibility to do the judging.  And one of the things God has judged people for in the past is tolerance of what He has deemed to be wicked.

I doubt your friend would say you should not use being a Christian as an excuse to judge a rapist or a murderer if you were keeping your children away from them.  She’s simply rationalizing her decision to arrogate the line between Christian morality and immorality, which is ridiculous since she doesn’t sound as if she’s even a Christian. Non-Christians have neither the ability nor the right to determine what is correct according to Christian precepts.

DC is absolutely doing the right thing by pulling her sons out of the now-corrupted scouting organization.  Every God-fearing Christian parent should do likewise.