Dancing around the obvious

It’s interesting to see the mainstream press delicately dancing around something that all of them have heard about for years in their coverage of Weinergate II: Carlos Danger:

It’s also time to declare a moratorium on the line that Huma Abedin
is the smartest, shrewdest, most level-headed and glamorous asset the
Democratic Party has, and if she’s OK with Anthony, we should be, too.
Clearly, there is something very wrong with Abedin — whether it’s simply
that she shares her husband’s vaulting ambition or that she has a
pathological need to be publicly humiliated, something’s up. When The
New York Times is calling for you to take your sad assemblage of sexual
compulsions out the door, you should consider that a wake-up call. Silda
may have stood by Eliot, but even she never opened her mouth in his

Abedin took the good-wife act one step further at
Tuesday’s press conference, admitting her collusion in this new lie: “We
discussed all of this before Anthony decided to run for mayor,” she
said. So clearly, as Abedin sat for these joint interviews in which
Weiner claimed to be a changed man, she knew that wasn’t the truth, and
was happy to lie to a public that had been nothing but sympathetic
toward poor, brilliant Huma, saddled with such a dud. Perhaps they’re a
better match than we knew.

Something very wrong with Abedin… something’s up.  I wonder what that something might be that would cause a wife to be totally indifferent to her freakshow husband spending his evenings tweeting pictures of his genitalia to younger women.  Whatever could it possibly be?

I still recall the look of utter panic on Sean Hannity’s face when Gennifer Flowers came out and said something to the effect of “everyone in Little Rock knows Hilary is a lesbian” on his show.  If I recall correctly, they went right to commercials.