McRapey retreats

You may recall that for the last nine months John Scalzi has been lying about his average daily blog readers.

John Scalzi @scalzi 6:20 AM – 4 Dec 12
Hey, authors of non-traditionally published books! Promote your book to my 50K daily blog readers TODAY:

John Scalzi ‏@scalzi 3:33 PM – 10 Aug 13
@gregpak I think if people like the content they will keep coming in regardless. I mean, my site gets 50K readers a day

Four days after I busted him for exaggerating his daily readership by a mere 46,000 readers, he abruptly, and for no particular reason at all, retreated to his previous claim of UP TO 50k readers.

piovere ‏@piovere 4:44 PM – 16 Aug 13
@scalzi via what means do you get these many ARCs? I ha thought it was SFWA related, but I guess not?

John Scalzi ‏@scalzi 4:45 PM – 16 Aug 13
@piovere It’s related to having 50K Twitter followers and up to 50K daily readers of the blog, many of whom like SF/F.

While it is technically true, McRapey’s claim about having up to 50k daily readers of his blog is more than a little misleading considering how much smaller his average daily blog readership is.  Come clean, Johnny. Be honest about your site traffic. Just do what I do and post your numbers for the public to see. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that even if everyone knows you’re less popular than all your friends thought you were, at least you’re not a fraud… in this regard.

Besides, you know that if you don’t, someone else just might do it for you. For no particular reason at all.