Hugo 2015 results

We had 315 people celebrating the Rabid Puppy demolition of the 2015 Hugo Awards at the Brainstorm online party, but I have to confess, I am just a little disappointed. With the unwitting assistance of the SJWs, we managed to burn five categories, but after Chu won the Campbell, I was confident that we were going to get a historic seven. Sadly, Novelette and Graphic Novel both eluded us. It’s disappointing, because apparently only five had been awarded in the entire history of the award, and I would have liked to have exceeded that this year.

I understand that Toni Weisskopf of Baen Books walked out of the ceremony after hearing all the jokes about this being the year of the asterisk. It is just as well, because the no-awarding of her, John C. Wright, and Jim Butcher is conclusive proof that the Hugo Awards are no longer fit for purpose and need to be burned down in their entirety. That was my original position, but this year we Rabids followed the Sad Puppies lead and pursued the “fair play” approach.

Now we know the result of that. This is a cultural war, not a literary sport. They are practicing a scorched earth strategy, and we can certainly assist them in that since we do not value their territory. I still think it was worth trying to take Berlin and end the war in one fell swoop, but even though our attempt break them once and for all failed, that only means that the victory was less than complete. What the Puppies accomplished was incredible when you look at the numbers involved and clearly indicates that the Rabid strategy, not the Sad one, is the only viable strategy. There will be no reconciliation.

Some SJWs are already trying to claim that they only rejected Toni Weisskopf because she was “part of a slate”, but the fact that they had no problem voting for Guardians of the Galaxy, which was on the same slate, demonstrates very clearly that they have no such principle, it’s all about the politics for them.

No doubt George Martin, John Scalzi, David Gerrold, The Guardian, and the rest of the SJWs will try to portray this as a resounding defeat for us, but keep this in mind: the side that resorts to a scorched earth strategy is the one that is losing and in retreat. All they have accomplished is to convert many Sad Puppies into Rabid Puppies.

They have talked about sending us a message, and we have heard it. I don’t know about you, but the message I heard was “bring more Puppies.”

UPDATE: This is amusing. The SJWs are so pleased with what they are claiming was a “victory” that they have vanished the categories that were No Awarded. “Those categories in which there were Awards presented are listed below.”

UPDATE 2: The vote totals are here. With 525 Rabid Puppies, we definitely face an uphill climb, but keep in mind that this represents their fully mobilized forces, up from their anti-Puppy vote of 1,100 last year. I’ll analyze this and share some of my thoughts in a future post.

Below are the results, along with my personal vote and how I voted the winner:

Best Novel

    The Three-Body Problem (1)

 Best Novella

    No Award
    “One Bright Star to Guide Them”

Best Novelette

    “The Day the World Turned Upside Down” (5)

Best Short Story

    No Award
    “Turncoat”, Steve Rzasa (Riding the Red Horse, Castalia House)

Best Related Work

    No Award
    “The Hot Equations: Thermodynamics and Military SF”

Best Graphic Story

    Ms Marvel
    No Award

 Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form)

    Guardians of the Galaxy (1)

 Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form)

    Orphan Black: “By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried” (4)

 Best Editor, Short Form

    No Award
    Vox Day

Best Editor, Long Form

    No Award
    Toni Weisskopf

Best Professional Artist

    Julie Dillon (3)

Best Semiprozine

    Lightspeed Magazine (4)

Best Fanzine

    Journey Planet (4)

Best Fancast

    Galactic Suburbia Podcast (3)

Best Fan Writer

    Laura J. Mixon (5)

Best Fan Artist

    Elizabeth Leggett (1)

The John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer

    Wesley Chu (2)