Meme of the Week

As it turns out, the weekly vote has reliably lined up with the more objective measure of Twitter impressions. DACA Families was the weekly winner, with 32,631 impressions. The least popular was Hotel Catalonia, with only 11,316.

To become a #DailyMemeWarrior and receive the Meme of the Day in your email every weekday morning, sign up here. I have a feeling that tomorrow’s Meme of the Day is going to exceed 50k impressions, quite possibly 100k. This is not it. But it’s good to know the NFL is embracing the fullness of free speech at its games.

And keep this in mind when you consider their mutual responses to President Trump.

SportsCenter‏ @SportsCenter
Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith spent part of Saturday discussing how to best handle President Trump’s statements.

Apparently they should have spent more of it. And then kept their mouths shut.

UPDATE: This is an interesting rumor floating around the chans from a purported NFL employee.

Some NFL teams have been looking into firing players who are pulling this protest shit. But their lawyers have all told them, while they can do it, the fired players could then take them to court and win. The 49ers were among these teams, who have consulted their lawyers; hence why CK never got fired. Their lawyers told them it was cheaper to just let him do his bullshit.

Goodell knows he has fucked up big time, but can’t do anything except tacitly let the teams blacklist players who pull this shit. Goodell and most of the coaches know that the players throwing these tantrums have them by the balls.

I think they’re about to find out that not firing them will prove to be considerably more expensive.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin discusses the NFL situation.

We’re seeing drops in attendance.  We’re seeing drops everywhere, in advertising as well and that’s because there’s no business enterprise that is ever going to survive by insulting and trashing its own customer base…

Based on recent events, it would appear far fewer people understand this basic fact of business than you might imagine.