Dreamers are not Americans

As the God-Emperor reminds everyone:

When I became your president one year ago today, I took an oath to protect, serve, and lead ALL Americans.

Democrats have since shown our country that they could never do the same.

They chose to use our U.S. military as a bargaining chip to fight for amnesty for non-citizen illegal immigrants. But a good many patriots and I REFUSED to accept their ransom.

Now American voters need to remind Democrats that we will NEVER forget their reckless decision.

Tell Senate Democrats that YOU — the American voter — will ALWAYS remember the day that Democrats put illegal immigrants before American citizens.

One hopes Trump has the wisdom to ignore the example of his predecessors and simply ignore the government shutdown until the Democrats cave completely. No party that supports smaller government should EVER back down over a government shutdown. That’s the problem for the big government party… wait a minute!