Mailvox: doxxed and suspended

Rather like fascism always descending on America and landing on Europe, doxxing is always blamed on the Right, but somehow, it’s always the Left that is doing it.

Jack Murphy has been placed on administrative leave from his DC public schools financial job after Lacy MacAuley, an Antifa organizer, doxxed him and called him a “white supremacist Nazi” for appearing in a photo with Chelsea Manning at Mike’s “Night for Freedom” party.

Smells like a lawsuit. I didn’t think it was even possible for anyone, student, teacher, administrator, or janitor, to be disciplined for anything in the DC public school system. This should be an interesting test of how converged the public school unions have become.

The ironic thing here is that Jack is an Obama-voting liberal Democrat. I should know, you may recall that I debated him. If he’s not safe from SJW-swarming, literally no one outside of Antifa, be they Democrat or Republican, is.