Mailvox: remember the cartoon?

A small businessman asks if hiring a known SJW is an acceptable risk in certain specific circumstances:

I have a situation that I’d appreciate your perspective on, and which may be of interest to you as material for a blog post.

I have a business which operates full time. It’s small—just us and a handful of independent contractors—but it has provided well for us the past few years, and we are looking to hire someone on a full time or close-to-full-time basis, which would be a major investment of resources.

We have found what seems to be the perfect person for the job: a woman with the time to devote to our projects, and who has the right experience and skill set for the wide range of tasks she would be performing. She understands our industry and market, has also done some limited work with us, and we have been pleased with what she has produced. She appears to be a very self-motivated, hard-working person, one we could count on for the high level of productive output we need. Hiring her would be a tremendous help, and would enable us to branch out into new markets that we don’t have time to work on ourselves. But…

In the process of considering this person, I researched social media and found out that she was, to say the least, not in agreement with our theological, political, and social views. A summary:

  • Marion Zimmer Bradley fan
  • Belongs to a “Social Justice Committee.”
  • Aggressively pro-abortion
  • Aggressively pro-LGBTQ
  • Supports the SPLC.
  • Anti-alt-right, anti-white-nationalism
  • Defends Antifa while condemning white nationalists.

Basically, this woman couldn’t be more of a social-justice-minded leftist if John Stuart Mill spawned her from the dust of the ground.

Here’s the thing: I think it’s likely, in our context, that political discussions would never even come up. But I have all kinds of red flags popping up and alarm bells going off. In our small business situation, what kinds of dangers could we encounter from a person like this?

Is there a difference between a social justice activist and a social justice warrior? Our personal interactions with this woman have been good, and she seems very decent and kind—though I realize there’s a reason you chose a smiley face for the cover of your SJWs books, which I have read. I know it’s possible that she is a decent, honest, though deceived person, who would never dream of trying to destroy us if she found out that we stand against everything she stands for. On the other hand…

No, there is no difference. My advice is straightforward. Do NOT hire this individual. Do not even THINK about hiring this individual. Once she finds out that you are opposed to the sacred Narrative, she will devote her life to sabotaging your business in ways you can’t possibly imagine or anticipate, even if that is directly opposed to her rational self-interest. Since he has read SJWAL, the Chapter One cartoon should have been sufficient to answer his question.