Not on your side

You can’t say I didn’t warn you.

Jordan B Peterson
If confirmed Kavanaugh should step down.

Eric Weinstein
This position is held in varying forms by nearly everyone thoughtful with whom I’m speaking. What divides these folks is which way to break the symmetry. But honest people see deep reasons that both outcomes are not healthy or workable. We need a genius healer we just don’t have.

Jordan Peterson is not useless, he’s actually worse than useless. He’s not opposed to the Left, he is of the Left. He just thinks the SJWs go a little too far because they inspire resistance. The man is a Fabian wormtongue.

Meanwhile, Kavanaugh will be confirmed as predicted:

Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh is heading to confirmation to the Supreme Court this weekend after two key undecided senators — Susan Collins of Maine and Joe Manchin III of West Virginia — announced Friday that they would support his elevation to the high court, ending the most divisive confirmation fight in decades.

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