Darkstream: Why no one believed Blasey

From the transcript of the Darkstream:

One thing that I haven’t seen much discussion of despite all the jibber and jabber and rambling on about the various implications of the Kavanagh confirmation, and whether he was going to be confirmed or not, is the fact that nobody – and I mean nobody – believed Christine Blasey Ford. And so the interesting question is, why not? You know, people talk about these things, and the giveaway during the discussion of the allegations and so forth, the term that that people always used, was, “well she’s credible.” She’s credible. Now, think about it. When someone asks you if somebody else is telling the truth, and you say, “well, they’re credible,” what does that actually mean? All it means is that I don’t believe them but they’re not observably crazy, you know, their accusations are at least modestly plausible.

It was possible for Kavanagh to have misbehaved in the way that Blasey Ford was saying. It was not plausible to believe that he was involved as part of a regular gang rape machine that was taking place. So the thing is that when all these people were saying “she’s credible,” for example,  even Trump initially said that Blasey Ford was credible, yeah, we all knew he didn’t believe a word she was saying. Most of the people who were on her side, most of the people who voted against Kavanagh because she gave them an excuse to do so,  did not believe her either. Whenever you see people saying, “yeah, well, I believe victims” and that sort of thing, that means they don’t believe this particular alleged victim. You didn’t have people there saying “look what’s wrong with you people, she’s obviously telling the truth,” because she obviously wasn’t She was obviously lying,  but why was her lying so obvious? Why was it so readily apparent to so many people right away?

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