Get that woman a casino!

We’re practically cousins. Fauxcahontaus may be one-five-hundred-twelfth Indian

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) made public the results of a DNA test on Monday, which an expert said shows “strong evidence’’ that she has a Native American ancestor.

Warren provided the test results to The Boston Globe on Sunday, the newspaper said, “in an effort to defuse questions about her ancestry that have persisted for years.” According to the paper, the disclosure is another strong sign that she is seriously considering running for president.

“The vast majority” of Warren’s ancestry is European but “the results strongly support the existence of an unadmixed Native American ancestor” six to 10 generations ago, according to Carlos D. Bustamante, a Stanford University professor who analyzed the results.

This means she could be 1/32nd Native American, or just 1/512th Native American if the ancestor is 10 generations back.

The thing I find amusing is that the same people who insist that I can’t possibly be an American Indian despite the undeniable fact that I possess considerably more Indian blood than Warren will turn right around and assail the God-Emperor for mocking her claims.

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