Baby Boomers refuse to relinquish power

In a move that surprises precisely no one, Democratic Baby Boomers refuse to retire or get out of the way:

The Next Generation Of Democratic Leaders Wants To Move Up, But The Baby Boomers Are In The Way

Ambitious, young House Democrats have a problem: At a time when the party is calling for generational change, there are few opportunities to advance. Leadership has long been static for Democrats in the House. Reps. Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, and Jim Clyburn, the top three Democrats, respectively, have all been at the top of the House Democratic ladder for more than a decade. And none have shown any signs of leaving; Pelosi has said she expects to be speaker if Democrats retake the House in November.

In fairness, the country isn’t entirely ruined yet. And they’re still just as cool and sexy as they ever were. They changed the world, you know. Woodstock!

Never trust anyone over eighty.

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