One simply can’t argue that the decline of Britain and the West is undeserved. What else could possibly have been expected to result from importing tens of millions of differently-civilized aliens from foreign and less-developed societies?

This is the shocking moment a thug attacks a terrified pensioner as the old man begs for mercy on a residential street in Birmingham.

The distressing clip shows the attacker grab the elderly man and violently throw him to the ground leaving his victim on the floor groaning in pain.

The appalling attack, filmed in the leafy suburb of Moseley, Birmingham, is believed to have taken place on October 16 and the video shared across social media.

I feel absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for old people who are mistreated by immigrants and their descendants, whether it is on the streets or in the nursing homes. Pity the young instead, who never supported the invasion nor had any opportunity to resist the invasion.

Besides, old people being beaten up is good for the economy.

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