Build your own sports platforms

Realty-based sports competitors are going to have to build their own platforms too, now that men are allowed to declare themselves women and clean up in most sporting competitions:

‘For those of you who think I have ‘folded’ I have not. There’s a group of us working on getting the rules changed but we are going to fight it offline, not in the name-calling angry world of social media. I’m choosing to move on in a positive way,’ she wrote.

Dr McKinnon retweeted her commented and told her thousands of followers: ‘This is why the apology is not accepted: she still thinks what she said. She merely apologizes for being caught saying it publicly. She wants to ban trans women from competing. They will fail: the IOC openly allowed us in 2003 and revised their policies in 2015. #MoveOn.’

Adding that the women fighting her inclusion in the sport should face punishment for breaking the rules of USA Cycling, she shared that they had carried out the exact behaviour the rulebook states is not allowed.

‘I’ve been humiliated, they make me feel unwelcome at races, and saying that it’s unfair (when I follow all the rules) is degrading and disparaging,’ McKinnon tweeted.

Cycling isn’t the only sport McKinnon loves; she was a junior provincial badminton champion, regional junior golf champion and club champion, won sport climbing competitions and was a professional poker player for six years.

She started competing at a professional level when she was 10 years old.

Writing ‘Trans women are women. We must compete as women. We have rights, too,’ McKinnon later compared her struggle to civil rights racial struggles.

‘White people thought it was UNFAIR for black people to compete in sport. The very same tactics are being used against trans women athletes,’ she posted.

The Union Cycliste International responded Friday in a statement that shared how the rules consider hormone therapy over gender reassignment and that the guidelines will be clarified later on.

‘Although there are no queries concerning Women-Men (W-M) transgender athletes, whose situation – at UCI level as for all International Federations (IF) – is controlled by therapeutic use exemptions (TUE), the current situation concerns M-W transgenders,’ they wrote.

‘After some 18 months of substantial work, and after consultation with the IFs, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) should shortly announce guidelines covering the participation of M-W transgender athletes. This document should enable us to take into consideration, in line with the evolution of our society, the desire of these people to compete while at the same time guarantee as far as possible an equal chance for all participants in women’s competitions.

‘The UCI will adapt its regulations according to the guidelines of the IOC.’

“Trans women” are not women, they are parodies of women and there is literally nothing female about them. Anyone who says otherwise is a confirmed science denier. However, the convergence of the sporting associations means that the only way to stop this nonsense is not through changing the rules, or defining the guidelines more realistically, but by simply refusing to compete with any athletes competing in the wrong sex class.

I won’t be surprised to see mediocre heavyweights declaring themselves lightweights someday, as we’ve already seen men in their twenties playing in veteran’s leagues as well as individuals with IQs in the normal range pretending to be retarded and winning gold medals in the Paralympics.

Understand that forcing you to publicly declare that there are five lights is the entire point here. That’s why trans sports are one of the many false narratives presently being pushed by the Empire of Untruth.