Chung Kuo in the USA

A simulation of Harvard’s admission model sans affirmative action is already indicating that the future of the USA is neither white supremacist nor civic nationalist nor a branch of the Israeli military nor a pan-civilizational utopia populated by vibrant people of diverse color, it is as a Chinese-ruled satrapy.

Even with the admission department stacking the deck against them, Asians account for 22 percent of the latest Harvard class, up from the 16.5 percent that has mysteriously been the average for decades despite growing numbers of Asian applicants. And I’ve seen a model showing that if Harvard were to practice a strict test-based meritocracy, that figure would rise to 51.6 percent.

How is either situation to the benefit of the American posterity, I wonder?

Ron Unz has been the thought-leader on the subject, and his most recent article has a graph that very clearly demonstrates the anti-Asian bias at the elite universities. The two rising lines are the young Asian population and Asian enrollment at Caltech from 1990 to 2011, although the latter also appears to have begun to level off contra the population trend in 2008….

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