Scott Adams is always wrong

Scott Adams attempts to construct a false dichotomy about the Fake Bombs:

Scott Adams@ScottAdamsSays
If the bomber theories come down to either a crazy Republican or a super-clever Democrat false flag mission, one of those things is far more common than the other.

Scott Adams@ScottAdamsSays
The “false flag” hypothesis for the bomber assumes the bomber is clever enough to do this clever subterfuge while being the only person in the United States who doesn’t know there is a 100{461ad34fd95ed0af8996f6f09a13b192cf13c719616d6cf9c9bfba66684d3567} chance this type of crime will be solved.

That’s just it. They don’t. The false flag hypothesis actually assumes that the fake bomber is actually rather stupid. Most hoax crimes are transparently obvious and are committed by relatively low-IQ individuals who completely fail to anticipate being identified and caught. Neither the construction nor the delivery of the fake bombs was clever; one reason why people are becoming increasingly adept at immediately identifying false flags is due to the ineptitude with which the scenario is presented to them. They recognize the usual patterns at work in the process.

And another pattern worth recognizing is the way in which Scott Adams often likes to espouse two contradictory positions, so that he can claim to have been correct later in the hopes that enough people will forget that he was also incorrect. His con game is more self-serving and harmless than the cons being run by Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson, but it is an intellectual con game all the same.

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