Not a single seat

A bold prediction by Fleporblog flies directly in the face of the Blue Wave-predicting pollsters:

Florida is looking better and better by the day for Republicans! Nearly 3.75 million people have voted early. The margin for the Republicans continues to increase each day (currently +63,537). Democrats had a lead of 96,450 at the end of Early Voting in 2016. The difference at this point is +159,987 for Republicans. We have an excellent chance of flipping FL-D7 and a good chance of flipping FL-D13.

We will not lose a single Republican House Seat.

Nevada has been a night and day difference when comparing 2018 to 2016. The RNC went all in with door-to-door knocking starting 6 months ago. It is really paying off BIGLY! We will hold the Senate Seat (Heller) and the Governor’s Seat. We have a fantastic chance of flipping NV-D3 and a good chance of flipping NV-D4.

We will not lose a single Republican House Seat.

If this guy gets it right with a call that virtually no one else is making, he’ll definitely be one site to watch in the 2020 Presidential election.

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