The moment of truth

It looks like we’re about to find out whether President Trump proves worthy of the trust Americans have placed in him or if he’s going to cuck like every American president since Eisenhower.

There are now 500 invaders from the 5,000-strong caravan in Tijuana who have broken past the Mexican lines and are rushing the US border. The US has fired tear gas at them, but done nothing else as yet.

This is the moment of truth, because it is clear that the invaders believe Trump is bluffing and will not permit the U.S. military to utilize violent force to defend the border. And now that they have called, he has to either follow through or fold.

Trump likes to consider himself a tough negotiator and he is certainly an effective one. But if he folds here, he will lose a considerable amount of credibility with even his strongest supporters and significantly increase the currently low odds that he will lose in 2020. This is the moment when he has to be willing to utilize violence to Make America Great Again; if he is not, then he’s going to find all of his bluffs being called with impunity by his opponents, foreign and domestic.

Always sink the ships. Always. If there is one lesson that history teaches, it is to always sink the ships.

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