The level of deception

In case you think I overstate my case in Jordanetics, consider how his fans are STILL reacting to their first encounters with my Jordan Peterson videos:

This guy is so far off that its almost comical. Nobody knows who this guy is so I guess by attacking JP he’s hoping to make a name for himself. I used to tell my children when they were young that people knock other people down to raise themselves up. Thats whats going on here. JP is a globalist based upon what evidence …you say he is ? Sorry but that dont fly with me nor most of those who have heard him speak. How do you come up with this stuff ? You must be over educated, this seems like a clear example. 

Well, there is this little document, in addition to his frequent statements about nationalism and group identity being deeply pathological.

All this criticism directed at  Peterson is just Ad Hominem attacks on him. You clearly miss the point of the social manifestation of the ethos through individuality. The soul is an extension of the individual and the individual has a room, and that must be in order before you can even begin to take on the challenges of life. Once you have order you can allow yourself to take on the radical Marxist progressives who serve the egalitarian divinity  at all COST’s. Clearly you are driven by malice because the criticisms presented  are weak and hollow.

It depends what you mean by Ad Hominem, bucko.

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