The return of Q?

Just when you thought you were out, they pull you back in. Neon Revolt is pretty stoked about the latest Qvelations:

A 2nd #ClintonFoundation Whistleblower!!

Oh, what a wonderful surprise!

Q didn’t seem too upset with the “leak” but he was stern; DO NOT reveal more.

And this comes hot-on-the-heels of Comey’s efforts to challenge his own subpoena, requiring him to testify on Monday as well. Comey, as we all know, has tweeted out a lot of grandstanding about making the hearing public – which would (conveniently) allow him to skirt around any questions regarding classified material, as well as allow other bad actors to coordinate their stories.

My take on Q is the same that it has always been: Q is a useful morale booster. I hope that the Q team is in some way real, just as I hope that the Storm will take place, the Wall will be built, and the Swamp will be drained, but as always, only time will tell.

But I do know that Alt-Hero:Q will be awesome. The Legend and I are having a blast working on it. Seriously, it may be better than James Bond in the end.

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