Apple goes full SJW

It’s hardly a surprise, but Apple has declared itself to be a Christianity-free zone:

Apple CEO Tim Cook on Monday said he believes it is “right” and “moral” for technology companies to block hate speech and violent conspiracy theories from their platforms.

“At Apple, we believe that technology needs to have a clear point of view on this challenge,” Cook said at an Anti-Defamation League (ADL) conference on Monday afternoon. At the conference, Cook accepted the ADL’s first “Courage Against Hate” award, geared towards private sector leaders “dedicated” to fighting bigotry. He was also the conference’s keynote speaker.

“That’s why we only have one message for those who seek to push hate, division and violence: You have no place on our platforms,” Cook said during his keynote address. “You have no home here.”

It’s long past time to start enforcing the West’s long-dormant blasphemy laws, and doing so with a vengeance. As I have repeatedly pointed out  to everyone, the whole “free speech” movement was never anything but an anti-Christian Fabian campaign. Now that the forces of evil feel they have sufficient power, they have rejected the intellectual tools they utilized to dislodge Christian morals and ethics from their dominant societal position in the West.

This is not just a cultural war, it is a war for the soul of the West. And it is not being fought between Right and Left, it is not even truly between Nationalist and Globalist. At its core, it is between Good and Evil, between the Truth and the Lie.

The West needs to send a very clear message for those who seek to corrupt and control it. You have no place in our civilization. I was once a big fan of the Apple II, but I will never buy another Apple product of any kind, for any reason.

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