Mailvox: cult confirmed

PC has read Jordanetics and he is concerned about recent developments in cultsville:

I have just read your paragraph in Jordanetics:

“There are a number of signs that will alert us if Jordanetics begins to transform into a full-blown religious cult. For example, if Peterson’s followers … start founding institutions for the study and propagation of the 12-Rule Path” 

I found this quite chilling, as a mere week ago, and very shortly after the book was released, such an institution appears to have been founded. There is also the typical (and creepy) All-Seeing-Eye symbolism on their website, and a very messianic image of Peterson.

Yeah, that’s really not a good sign.

Now Mike Cernovich has seen through the evil, cowardly charlatan. It’s only a matter of time before everyone who hasn’t already drunk the Kool-Aid does. Read Jordanetics if you want to get up to speed fast. I sent Mike a copy, so he’ll be well-equipped to deal with the attack of the Low-Status Lobster Cult.

Mike Cernovich
Jordan Peterson is a coward. That’s not a beef. It’s my assessment of his behavior. Remember when he said Kavanaugh should resign. And now he won’t stand with Carl / Sargon in any firm way.

Mike Cernovich
Jordan Peterson won’t debate adults (only college kids), said Kavanaugh should resign, and won’t stand firm with Sargon / Carl. He’s a coward.  And none of his followers can defend his cowardice, so they lash out.

Mike Cernovich
He has shown himself to be a coward, first by suggesting that Kavanaugh resign, and now by refusing to stand with his friend Carl / Sargon. So yes he’s a liar. He preaches courage while failing to live it – the tale of all religious hucksters.

Mike Cernovich
One area of study @jordanbpeterson might be interested in – What happens when people in your position refuse to take a firm stand? I would encourage you to read some essays by Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

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