New haters, new fans

Some of the low-status lobsters were very upset to discover that humanity’s greatest thinker, Jordan Peterson, was literally too stupid for law school.

  • i like his construction much better than yours. in terms of contribution to human experience, he trumps your nonsense. did you just call him a moron? someone who saved lives of so many men? turned their lives for the better? how can you disregard all that robot?
  • “When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.”  Unfortunately, you are majorly lacking humility.  I get what you’re saying but the posturing with your scores and outbursts toward the audience exposes your arrogance.  Arrogance is inherently unintelligent especially when as it relates to effective communication. Can’t imagine this trait has played out well in your personal relationships. How can you pretend to be a Christ follower even though this displayed your utter contempt for anyone not on your intellectual level?  Are you not a charlatan by claiming you are a Christian and explicitly going against a directive by God to be humble?
  • Let it go man! We get it… you think you’re smarter than Peterson and you deeply resent him being celebrated and rich instead of you. Why don’t you use that IQ of yours to figure out how to overcome your wounded ego?
  • I guess we should not listen to JP ? Please tell me how his message will make this god aweful intellectual MESS of a worldview worse?(post moderism) If you find nothing positive in what he says then…Why attack him? Why not show some of that obviously high powered intellect and present something that makes makes better sense? I don’t give a fart in a whirlwind what JPs IQ is. And you have not impressed me in the least. He does not strike me as a pompous asd.
  • Joe rogan was a large part of why jordan blew up. I saw him on there and I have gotten at least half a dozen ppl to follow him. Whats not organic about that. Ur a bitter bald man. Lol owen Benjamin smarter than peterson? U are bitter my friend.
  • Your smart enough to figure out how to make a buck off someone else’s success, and your doing it by simply providing a contrary position and picking random holes in an othewise positive doctin for the sake of itself. Your a just a critic and thats easy low IQ territory. Thats what you bring to the table. Petsrsons maps od meaning is difficult to undetstand for you becauae yout not interested in doing the ground work to really understand what he is saying, and you dont want to understand because then you would have nothing to talk about. Bravo. How about adding something positive or constructive to the conversation?

On the other hand, people who are actually listening to the new audiobook – now available exclusively at the Arkhaven store – have found the case it presents to be conclusive, if not downright lethal.

  • I wasn’t impressed with Jordanetics until about chapter six when I realized I was listening to an intellectual murder, and the first few chapters had simply been you setting up your kill room. Thanks for writing the book, and for breaking it down in such an easy-to-follow way.
  • I finally received the book. It’s brutal. Some sections are probably in violation of the Geneva Conventions.
I found the first review to be particularly amusing, as it reminded me of the late Bane’s review of The Irrational Atheist almost exactly 11 years ago.

It is the kind of writing that compels me to write, and he does all of your thinking for you, so you don’t have to do anything but lay back and enjoy it. So far. And what a work of art it is. So far. It grabs you by the nose with velvet gloved fingers, pulls you around where it wants you to go…I am reminded of the Francis Dollarhyde character in Manhunter, when he is giving the slide show to the creep reporter Freddy Lounds, saying “Do you see?” as he takes Freddy from one scene of horror to the next.

I rather like the title of “Intellectual Serial Killer”. All the fun and none of the mess.

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