Analyzing the Unauthorized Right

This imaginative interpretation of the Unauthorized Right as The Godfather is more than a little amusing, even if it betrays a near-complete failure to understand me or my motivations. But the comparison of Richard Spencer to Carlo Rizzi alone makes it worth reading:

10. Voxday = Hyman Roth

Hyman Roth is nothing if not intelligent, and Vox Day claims to be high-IQ himself. (He does lack Roth’s modesty even if false.) Also, like Hyman Roth, Vox Day goes for the Big Picture. With background in science-fiction, his thought processes are more analytical than that of Richard Spencer. Spencer’s idea of Sci-Fi is STAR WARS, and he gets all excited like Captain Kirk on STAR TREK. Vox Day almost never shows his emotions even when he’s clearly upset about something. He has an air of Zen about him, sometimes talking like a robot or Dr. Spock. In the exasperating debate with Andrew Anglin, he kept his cool while Anglin’s emotions were all over the map. Hyman Roth also almost never shows his emotions, though his fury surfaced momentarily when provoked by Michael Corleone.

Despite his calm demeanor, Roth is a fierce character who, upon forming a grudge, just can’t let it go. Despite his diplomatic ways with Michael Corleone, he can’t never let go of the fact that Moe Greene, almost like a son to him(and fellow Tribesman), was killed by the Corleones. So, Roth is sworn to the destruction of Michael Corleone no matter how long it takes and how much it costs.

This obsessive side of Roth can be seen in Vox Day too, especially in his near-maniacal agenda to destroy Jordan Peterson. Most people are take-it-or-leave-it on the matter of Peterson, but Vox Day reacted to Peterson as if the Canadian superstar violated some fundamental principle of the universe. Thus, Peterson isn’t just a bad guy or charlatan but an evil scientist or grand sorcerer of sci-fi or fantasy novels who must be utterly defeated. Vox Day’s war on Peterson isn’t merely over ideas or issues of character. Peterson obviously triggered Vox Day in a way that most people simply can’t fathom. Vox Day took it personally(even though the two men never met) because Vox Day has his own grand theory of the world. As Peterson’s worldview is so at odds with Vox Day’s own, it’s like a gangster turf war among philosophers.

Now, why would Vox Day be so upset with Peterson in particular when, surely, there are so many other thinkers Vox Day disagrees with? It’s because Jordan Peterson has been promoted by the media as a ‘man of the right’ who stands up to Political Correctness. Being Anti-PC is the battle flag of the Alt Right, and for Vox Day, that means only true Alt Rightists should carry the banner. But there is Jordan Peterson propped up by the powers-that-be as a courageous member of the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’ when, from Vox Day’s perspective, the man is nothing but just another Establishmentarian shill. Most people can just ignore Jordan Peterson and focus on something else, but Vox Day can’t let it go. He feels he must carry on with the anti-Peterson crusade until Peterson’s reputation is utterly destroyed(at least in Alt Right circles in which Vox Day has not insignificant influence).

The fact that I am a Christian and a nationalist while Jordan Peterson is a Fake Right globalist occultist playing Pied Piper would appear have escaped the author. I don’t take Jordan Peterson’s existence or his philosophy personally at all. And I get a little tired of the relentless attempts to discredit and disqualify with the “claims” game in reference to easily verified matters of fact. But it’s a clever and entertaining article nevertheless.

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