Deeply treasonous parliamentarians

As incredible as it sounds, these are the sorts of machinations that could quite legitimately spark another civil war in Great Britain:

Theresa May is facing an all-out bid by Remainer rebels to stop Brexit going ahead by tearing up the Commons rulebook. The ‘coup’ could see the government stripped of control over business in Parliament – paralysing the PM and potentially allowing MPs to prevent the UK crashing out without a deal.

The move – which No10 believes is being orchestrated by former ministers Oliver Letwin and Dominic Grieve – could happen within hours of Mrs May’s Brexit plan being heavily defeated on Tuesday, as seems inevitable.

The manoeuvring was only uncovered by Chief Whip Julian Smith when he overheard conspirators in the MPs’ cloakroom. Ministers have been warned success for the plotters could make it impossible for the government to cling on. There are claims Speaker John Bercow is ready to help the backbench uprising, after he secretly met Mr Grieve last week.

The high-stakes battle emerged as Mrs May launched another desperate effort to salvage the package she has thrashed out with Brussels.

This is treason by literally every single measure. If either the Queen or the Prime Minister had any spine whatsoever, they would be ordering the arrest of all the conspirators. It also demonstrates the way in which those who are skeptical about “conspiracy theories” are not only ignorant of history, they are wilfully blind concerning current events.

Teresa May’s feeble deal is going to be voted down, as it should be. No-Deal Brexit was always the right way to go, and the desperation of the traitorous continental conspirators is rendered obvious by the extreme tactics they are now contemplating. This is not merely an attack on British democracy and the British government, it is an attack on the very British concept of the rule of law.