Mailvox: 12 MORE rules for life

Because the first 12 obviously don’t work very well. FU emails to let us know that Jordan Peterson has announced his next book:

I’m also working on my new book a lot actually, it’s tentatively titled: “Order twelve more rules for life”, or perhaps “beyond mere order”. I haven’t decided on that yet. I can tell you what the rules are, maybe you would be interested in that. So I’ll give you a list of them.

The first one is: Do not carelessly degenerate social institutions or creative achievement.
Rule two: Imagine who you could be, and then aim single mindedly at that.
Rule three: Work as hard as you can, work as hard as you possibly can on at least one thing, and see what happens.
Rule four: Do not hide unwanted things in the fog.
Rule five: Abandon ideology. Abandon ideology.
Rule six: Notice that opportunity lurks where responsibility have been abdicated.
Rule seven: Do not do things that you hate.
Rule eight: Try to make one room in your house as beautiful as possible.
Rule nine: If old memory make you cry, write them down carefully and completely.
Rule ten: Plan and work diligently to maintain the romance in your relationship.
Rule eleven: Be grateful in spite of your suffering.
Rule twelve: Do not allow yourself to become resentful, deceitful or arrogant.

In principle that book will be published in January 2020. So and I am supposed to have the manuscript in sometime within the next six months and I have a first draft done and I’m working hard on the repeated edits. It’s gonna be published simultaneously in the UK and the US and Canada. I’m working with three different editors. And so, that’s that part of the announcement. And so I’m hoping, I’m really hoping that I can make the next book better. It will be a pair, it will be a paired copy with the first one. I’m probably gonna publish it with a black cover to go with the white cover of twelve rules and I’m hoping that I can make it into a better book and that the two together will make a very compete set, so that’s the plan. We will see how it goes.

It will be interesting to see if these rules are actually what they appear to be or if, like the first 12 rules, they are merely vehicles for deeper esoteric principles. Based on what he’s saying, I would assume the former, but we will see.

It’s a good thing A Sea of Skulls will be done and out by then….

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