Boomer hate goes mainstream

Best quote from the fake game show Millennial Millions: “I’m Gen-X. I just sit on the sidelines and watch the world burn.”

It’s interesting to observe that Boomers have finally lost control of the Official Zeitgeist. And it’s amusing to see how so many of them are still so generationally narcissistic that they genuinely don’t understand why all three succeeding generations not only don’t regard them as cool, but collectively hate them.

Is it entirely their fault? No. Of course not. The destructive decisions of the Silents and the Greatest Generation certainly played a significant part in the decline and eventual fall of the United States. But is there a lot for which to blame the Boomers, not least of all their unabashed pride in their ongoing demolition of their nation? Indubitably. He who breaks the generational compact, leaves his descendants worse off than his parents did, and dies with the most toys does not win, because the children and grandchildren he robbed will write his history.

This comment from a Gen-X progressive speaks for an awful lot of post-Boomer Americans: “I bought into the American dream and was heavily disappointed when I discovered that it was dead and only for the previous generation.”