They FINALLY got bored of themselves

For the first time in recorded history, a Baby Boomer has expressed a lack of interest in talking about his g-g-generation:

Not-Boomer: I’d like to see another Boomer bashing thread.

Boomer: Nah, all us boomers are used to it. And it’s tiresome.

Will wonders never cease? Have the Boomers finally learned? Have they finally realized that history has passed them by, that no one thinks they’re cool, and that The Beatles are not, in fact, the pinnacle of music? Have they finally grasped how everyone else was always sick of constantly hearing them talk about themselves?

Lust for life: why sex is better in your 80s. Sexually active older people are considered a curiosity, but a new survey suggests that lovemaking is often more fulfilling for ‘sexual survivors’ than those in middle age.

Sadly, no. Apparently some people are simply incapable of change. Bash away, bash away, bash away all. It is practically a moral duty at this point, as a salutary lesson to the younger generations, because no generation in human history has ever been as collectively obnoxious or narcissistic as the Baby Boomers.

The truth is that Boomers are not at all accustomed to being bashed and it stings them more than any non-Boomer can possibly believe, because none of us have ever had our identity tied up in our generational cohort. Here they were collectively catered to their entire lives, only to finally notice, late in life, that Generation X not only didn’t admire them and look up to them, but actively held them in contempt all along.

That’s why so many of them still react like angry Pavlovian dogs to even the smallest expression of disdain for them. Most of them will die without ever having relinquished the delusion that all of human history revolved around them.