shut down

Ethan Ralph explains why the owners took it down:

Ethan Ralph, the owner of news and talk show Killstream, Stream.Me’s biggest channel, has attempted to defuse speculation. He just now stated via a provisional youtube edition of his show that he spoke to the streaming platform’s owners and been given an explanation for the disappearance.

“What is going on is, there’s a board on 8chan — they doxxed the owners of Stream.Me,” said Ralph, referring to the /cow/ board on the infamous imageboard popular with edgelords, neo-nazis, and communists. “They doxxed their family, there were calls made to the owners saying ‘we know where your kids go to school, we know where they live’ — and they decided to pull the plug on the entire site.”

The owners’ wives also received photos of themselves covered in the trolls’ semen….

I certainly understand why they decided that it’s not worth the bother. Although it’s a pity to lose what was a steadily improving streaming alternative. These days, you need to have an action plan in place for when the SJWs come after you. Because it wasn’t ordinary channers doing this, it was Antifa, of that you can be sure.