Mailvox: getting past gamma

After yesterday’s new Voxiversity release, I’m getting a number of emails like these:

I was recently introduced to you by Owen, and after learning more from your past post. I learnt that I am a recovering Gamma. Although you made it clear that you don’t like gammas, I am writing this email in the hopes that it is different for recovering ones.

While investigating it further, I have came upon this point of Gamma behavior:

Now that you think about it, in this last year or two you can recall several women cracking jokes at your expense, mocking you, degrading you to their friends, and otherwise holding you in low regard without any fear of consequences. 

It was during a group discussion and she mocked me at not being good with woman, coming to tears just thinking of it. (God, why am i so weak…) This one hits me the hardest as it has happened at a church group and I wasn’t able to defend myself, I didn’t know how to interact with women all my life.

They are good guys, and I tend to make it a habit of mine to make myself the butt of the joke to lighten the mood, but this humiliation cuts close to bone if I am being honest. I take humiliation from the guys regularly and are okay with it for the most part. Please talk more about how to move past that gamma stage if you would like.

First, let me make it clear that what I dislike so intensely about gammas is their common pattern of behavior. It’s nothing personal. I just dislike dishonesty, posturing, false poses of superiority, unasked-for criticism, passive-aggression, and cowardice, all of which happen to be behavioral attributes of the average gamma male. And I certainly approve of when a gamma finally gets sick of himself and decides he’s going to stop handicapping his potential by continuing to behave that way.

So, I very much recommend that every gamma who wants to improve himself read the following four posts at Alpha Game, the series titled Graduating Gamma:

  1. Step One: Physical
  2. Step Two: Spiritual
  3. Step Three: Emotional
  4. Step Four: Mental

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