This may amuse you

It’s a little bizarre to see the difference in the way I am perceived by the Reprehensibles, which is to say the Darkstream viewers, as opposed to the way the Dread Ilk see me. This comment by EA may amuse some of the more longtime readers:

I wonder why Vox is so interested in ranks and titles among men and organizing in general. He calls himself sigma which I take means a reluctant leader. Yet it seems to me that he has a desire to lead or organize people in some fashion. Otherwise why be so interested in military strategy and even go as far as inventing labels to apply to people that he percieve to behave a certain way?

I’m not going to pretend to understand how men think. But is not a reluctant leader more likely to mind his own business and prefer solitude over the constant grind that is modern drama and politics on the internet. I imagine a sigma to be a hermit or a quiet man that’s able to face any situation calmy. That if given the opportunity would be the greatest alpha on the planet, but he don’t want it.

I think Vox might actually be a bit of that which he hates the most, a gamma. A self aware or rehabilitated gamma maybe, because unlike a real sigma he is rattled by people that challenge him on the internet. In role playing terms I think this if Vox:

Name: Vox
Title: Dark Lord
Class: Multi-class – 25{e5873ef35c49232e29b64cdfe957a2c94da2fd9855660473ec610b770b20216b} Alpha | 25{e5873ef35c49232e29b64cdfe957a2c94da2fd9855660473ec610b770b20216b} Gamma | 50{e5873ef35c49232e29b64cdfe957a2c94da2fd9855660473ec610b770b20216b} Delta
Proficiency: Charisma, Intellect.
Weakness: Illusion and mind altering spells (Psychologically fragile, emotional)

But what do I know, I’m happy not being a part of the hiearchy at all. I’m just a mischievous woman.

I’m so interested in the subject that I stopped posting at Alpha Game and I’m so desperate for attention that I turned down multiple requests for interviews from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation earlier this week. I don’t talk to the media, I don’t accept speaking invitations, and I don’t do book signings or book tours.

Where do people get these ideas about motivations and objectives of others? Is it all just solipsism and projection?