The midwit’s pain

Nothing burns a gamma’s soul like public humiliation:

Dr Jordan B Peterson@jordanbpeterson
I’ve never encountered a writer as self satisfied by his own intelligence as this one

Dr Jordan B Peterson@jordanbpeterson
With the clear exception of Vox Day.

Some readers have asked me why Peterson is mentioning Jordanetics now after ignoring it for several months. The reason is that he’s had a very bad week and discovered that despite his success, he’s still not accepted by the intellectual elite whose approval he craves, so he’s lashing out at everything that is causing him emotional pain.

Gammas never forgive and never forget, which is why they’re capable of erupting angrily over something that happened years ago, even when everyone else has forgotten it. In Peterson’s mind, his rejection by Cambridge and the contempt with which he is treated in Jordanetics are essentially the same thing, it’s a malicious refusal to grant him Special Smart Boy status.

Speaking of midwit:

Thank you Niall, for your support @nfergus I’m going ahead with a series of Exodus lectures, regardless, but I think they will be lesser because I will not have had the opportunity to consult with a diverse group of experts.

I think they will be “lesser” too, but more because Dr. Peterson’s grasp of both the Bible and the English language are questionable.

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