Nations rising: Finland edition

A Finn describes the current situation in light of today’s national elections:

99 percent of the votes are counted and we pretty much know what the result of our election is. It’s the best result one could realistically have hoped for, but it’s not going to save the country. However, it still keeps us in the game, for reasons that need a little bit of unpacking.

Now, just the result: Social Democratic Party, which is your basic vanilla socialist party – like Democrats in USA – came first. Finns Party, lacking one seat behind SDP, came second. The rest don’t really matter.

Everyone will ally against Finns Party, and keep them out of government. This is absolutely guaranteed. It’s the only thing all parties agree on. However, there was a time when the Finns Party had essentially gone so far down in polls that they were just on the brink of being considered a minor party. Now they are pretty much exactly back to their high point.

But there is something very important: Between the last two elections there was a cuck rebellion in Finns Party. They conspired with each other, formed a new party (Let’s call it Cuck Party) and were able to keep their senate positions, while the rest of Finns Party that was now being led by the most hardcore nationalist politician in the country. He’s been convicted in court on several counts of hate speech against Islam. Incidentally, he (Jussi Halla-Aho) just received the highest number of votes of any individual candidate in the election.

The Cuck Party received zero seats. ZERO. And Halla-Aho has already stated a year ago that he will not accept any of them back in Finns Party, in any role. So, what this means is that cucks are successfully purged from the party, and since they achieved their original popularity, they are in an immensely better position with all the cucks gone, than they were at the time with the cucks ready to stab them in the back at the first opportunity.

One more election cycle is required in Finland. Let this be a lesson to nationalists everywhere: purge your cucks! They will betray you.