DBC: Mere Christianity I

This is the quiz for the Darkstream Book Club: Mere Christianity I. If you want to join the discussion tonight, you can do so here.

1. The contents of Mere Christianity were first presented where?

  • a) on television
  • b) in the newspaper
  • c) on the radio
  • d) in a book
2. Which is not a name for one of the original three published parts of Mere Christianity?
  • a) The Three Faces of God
  • b) The Case for Christianity
  • c) Christian Behavior
  • d) Beyond Personality
3. What four Christian denominations does CS Lewis specifically say you will not learn to become from reading the book?
  • a) Anglican, Baptist, Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic
  • b) Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic
  • c) Episcopalian, Evangelical, Lutheran, Roman Catholic
  • d) Calvinist, Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness, Christian Science
4. In what sense does CS Lewis use the word “Christian”?
  • a) One whose soul is saved by grace.
  • b) One who believes with his heart that Jesus Christ is Lord.
  • c) One who accepts the common doctrines of Christianity.
  • d) One who has been baptized as an adult.
5. To what does CS Lewis liken his book?
  • a) To a home
  • b) To a room
  • c) To a church
  • d) To a hall