Survival is not a right-wing ideology

Even left-wing Danes want Denmark to remain Denmark:

Denmark goes to the polls in a general election today, with the centre-left Social Democrats predicted to win after adopting the right wing’s long-standing tough stance on immigration.

Opinion polls put the party, led by Mette Frederiksen, at 27.2 per cent, a comfortable lead of almost 10 percentage points ahead of Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen’s ruling Liberal Party, which has been in power for 14 of the last 18 years.

The polls also indicate that the far-right Danish People’s Party, which has informally supported Rasmussen’s minority government, could lose almost half its support, shrinking to 10.7 per cent. For the last two decades the anti-immigrant party has supported successive right-wing governments in exchange for the implementation of their restrictive immigration policies. But as those policies have now been broadly adopted by almost all Danish parties, the Danish People’s Party has lost its unique appeal with voters.

Right and Left are now irrelevant. Immigration and identity are the first and foremost issue because it is an existential crisis. What difference does a difference of opinion on optimal tax rates make to a nonexistent people? A nation can survive communism and socialism and dictatorship, but it cannot survive excessive immigration nor can it long abide rule by foreigners.

As Matteo Salvini has demonstrated, an alliance with left-wing nationalists is the best way to save a nation from destruction by invasion.

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