Flying the Devil’s flag

Contra what many people would very much like to believe, Andrew Klavan is not, and has never been, one of the good guys. He is still a dedicated servant of the lie, as his own words testify:

It’s really interesting, they had this thing in in Portland over the weekend where antifa, the fascists who call themselves anti-fascist, and the Proud Boys, who seem to have overlooked the democracy problem themselves. We’re fighting each other, right, they’re out there, they were gonna have demonstrations and counter-demonstrations, and fight. Antifa is an absolutely miserable violent leftist organization and the Proud Boys seem to be instigating violence – in the name of white supremacy.

So Sean Hannity goes on TV, right, and Sean Hannity says a pox on both your houses, a plague on both your houses, this is not the way this,  goes we’re one country, even though Sean is a deep, deep, partisan pro-Trump partisan. He is saying the people I argue with, I’m arguing with, right, we’re not we’re not enemies, we’re opponents in this fight. We’re not hitting each other over the head with clubs. Here’s just a taste of what Sean said, but what matters here is we can have a thorough, complete,  passionate,  open discussion of ideas and ideals. We don’t need fists and baseball bats and maces, you know. This show will always condemn hatred on any side, white supremacy, bigotry, you have no place in this society, none whatsoever.

What society is that, exactly? What do you mean by “we”, kemosabe. There is no “us”. Andrew Klavan’s show not only fails to condemn racial supremacy, he openly associates with known racial supremacists like Ben Shapiru and Dennis Prager. And let’s face it, we all know he’s intelligent enough to know better, which is how we observe that he is himself a liar, a subverter, and among those who seek to destroy both America and the West by transforming them into things they are not and have never been.

Anyone who claims to oppose “identity politics” at this point is either a clueless loser or a liar. I’m willing to cut some slack for the average idiot Boomer who was steeped in civic nationalism for his entire life, but the fact is that it is, and has always, been known to be, a polite fiction, as Belloc observes.

It was the attitude familiar to the nineteenth century, and agreeable to that one of its political moods in which it found itself best satisfied: … of creating a fiction of single citizenship to replace the reality of dual allegiance; of calling a [foreigner] a full member of whatever society he happened to inhabit during whatever space of time he happened to sojourn there in his wanderings across the earth. That was the attitude agreeable on the political side to everything which called itself “modern thought.” Such was the doctrine proposed by the great men of the French Revolution. Such was the attitude accepted almost enthusiastically by Liberal England, that is, by all the dominant public life of England during the Victorian period. Such was the policy which once obtained universal favour throughout the whole of our Western civilization. That was the attitude which the West actually attempted to impose upon Eastern States, and the last effect of its rapidly-declining credit is to be found in certain clauses of the Treaty of Versailles: for that attitude is still the official attitude of all our governments.

It’s not  just “the Democrats” who are flying the Devil’s flag, Mr. Klavan. And you obviously know damn well who else is flying the flag of their father.

UPDATE: A Klavan fan, who may soon be a former Klavan fan, copied me on an email to him:

You said in episode 752 that the “Proud Boys seem to be instigating violence in the name of white supremacy..”. I call you to retract this statement. It is not true. The Proud Boys have members of all colours and do not support white supremacy. I give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you just don’t know. If you do not retract this statement, you are a liar. I will not longer be able to trust that you are speaking truth and I will no longer be listening to you.