They were never on our side

Steven Hayward of Powerline writes about the late David Koch:

When I really want to creep out a liberal, I tell them that I not only have met the Koch brothers, but once visited Charles Koch at the Death Star in Wichita, and dined with David Koch once in New York (in addition to some very friendly and thoughtful meetings in his office a long time ago). But then I usually like to deepen their dismay by going on to tell them that I also once had lunch with George Soros and some of his foundation board members (at his invitation and expense), where I had great fun pointing out how much Soros and the Koch brothers had in common, on immigration, foreign and defense policy, same sex marriage, drug policy, and so forth. At this point, you can almost see the synapses frying and shriveling up inside the simple-minded Manichean liberal brain.

That tells you a lot about the simple-minded conservative brain too, doesn’t it. The problem isn’t just “the Left” and the liberals. The neoclowns, the libertarians, and the conservatives are all also on-board with the post-Western descent into Hell on Earth.

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